Wyatt Roersma

Sr Cyber Defense Operator

Wyatt Roersma currently works as a Senior Cyber Defense Operator at SimSpace. He loves anything Dev/malware/DFIR/Engineering and spends a lot of his free time working on open source DFIR solutions. Wyatt has contributed to projects like Volatility, Cuckoo Sandbox, AUCR, and Yara.

Absract: Cyber Education Needs to be a Priority for the Information Age of Technology. 

Cyber Education needs to be a priority for the information age of technology. Wyatt Roersma will present the Cyber Education Proposal (CEP) standards to move the entire industry forward. The open-source CEPs encourage collaboration to build a better set of training and assessments for tomorrow. This session will cover the proposed CEP standards and the PyCEP python library. PyCEP is critical to integrate,  deploy, and test any content related to Cyber Education.