Ryan MacDougall

Ryan MacDougal
Social-Engineer, LLC

Ryan MacDougall is a subject matter expert in areas of network penetration testing, application security, protocol analysis and social engineering. Mr. MacDougall directed technical operations and built and secured large networks for the financial and telecommunications industries, whose area of focus covers 6 countries; consisting of 3 data centers and 8 regional offices. In his 10 years running operations in a company that grew through M&A activities, acquiring, integrating, and standardizing operations, he developed a deep understanding and insight into fundamental flaws present in a wide variety of enterprise environments. He is now the Chief Operating Officer and Open Source Intelligence trainer for Social-Engineer, LLC and runs operations during penetration tests and exercises with their clients, as well as manage client relationships. Mr. MacDougall is a multiyear Blackhat conference trainer and DEFCON speaker regarding social engineering and open source intelligence gathering. Mr. MacDougall currently possesses: OSCP, GWAPT, SEPP and MLSE certifications.

Abstract: Recognize Your Value (To An Attacker)

Every employee in a company possess access or information that could be leveraged by an adversary. Knowing what current social engineering attacks look like and what each individual's role is, is the very first step in defending an organization from these attacks both internal and external. This talk will discuss recent high-profile attack methods and provide mitigation steps to lower risk and help defenders be more prepared when their company is targeted.