Joel Amick

Joel Amick
Director of Cyber Analytics and Data Science

Panel Title: Cyber Security in the age of Data Science

As we adopt to a world of big data and the proliferation of Data Science into every nook and cranny of a business, we wanted to have a discussion on the move of Data Science into the Cyber Security space  from some panelist who have been there and done that.  In this discussion we will hear from the members of the TIAA Cyber Analytics and Data Science team on their experience, what they have worked on and some tips to help with a career in Cyber.  We will also dive into so of the expectations from a Data Scientist in the Cyber Security space as well as needed skillsets.  

Moderator: Joel Amick Director of Cyber Analytics and Data Science


Cory Hefner: Lead Data Scientist

Scott Rodgers: Sr Data Scientist

Aysha Nahan: Sr Data Scientist