Bob Aiello

Principal Consultant

Bob Aiello is a CM, ALM & DevOps SME with over 30 years of experience managing enterprise source code management, build and deployment automation tools in banking, financial services, medical, pharmaceutical and engineering (automotive) organizations. Bob has authored several books and hundreds of articles on CM, Agile ALM & DevOps. Bob is also a member of the IEEE software standards board and a liaison to ISO for Agile and DevOps. Bob led an international team writing the IEEE P2675 - IEEE Draft Standard for DevOps: Building Reliable and Secure Systems Including Application Build, Package and Deployment and focuses his efforts on helping organizations ensure compliance with regulatory standards while still achieving velocity using DevOps and software methodologies including Agile, Lean and iterative waterfall. Bob calls his approach Disciplined DevOps.
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Absract: Using DevOps to Build Verifiably Secure Systems