Roger Callahan

Roger Callahan

Managing Director Information Assurance Advisory, LLC

Roger Callahan has over 50 years of prior experience spanning executive management and engineering responsibilities within both the National Security community and the Financial Services industry. He served as the Director for Information Assurance in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (1995-1998). At Bank of America (1998-2008) he was a Senior Vice President within the Corporate Information Security Organization and was responsible for developing the Bank of America information security policy and program foundations. Since 2008, he has provided cybersecurity-related advice and support to a variety of clients through his consulting organization.


Panel Moderator - Career Panel & Before, During and After the Breach

Career Panel:    Today’s Cybersecurity Careers Landscape

Hear from a CIO, a CISO and a Client Development executive about their perspectives on today’s cybersecurity landscape for those seeking careers or advancement in this increasingly important field.

-        Where’s the demand;

-        Some changes in hiring practices;

-        What provides a competitive edge;

-        Take advantage of internal development opportunities.



Roger Callahan, Managing Director, Information Assurance Advisory, LLC


Peter Murphy, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

Jim Maloney, Avidxchange

Michelle Coviello, Hire Networks




Panel:  “Before, During and After the Breach”

This panel will provide perspectives and suggestions based on panelists’ experience and efforts to deal with cybersecurity breaches of organizations.   Are there efforts organizations should undertake before, during and after a breach.  What are some specifics requirements for organizations and pitfalls to avoid.


Roger Callahan, Managing Director, Information Assurance Advisory, LLC


Leonard Bailey, U.S. Department of Justice

Allen O’Rourke, Womble Carlyle

Megan Stifel, Silicon Harbor Consultants, LLC