Maneesha Mithal

Associate Director, Division of Privacy & Identity Protection Federal Trade Commission

Maneesha Mithal is the Associate Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, which focuses on consumer privacy, data security, and credit reporting issues. In this capacity, she has managed significant initiatives, including reports on Big Data, the data broker industry, the Internet of Things, consumer privacy, facial recognition, and mobile privacy disclosures. She has testified before Congress on data security, connected
cars, facial recognition, and identity theft. She has also supervised Commission investigations that resulted in consent orders against companies such as Wyndham, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Lifelock, Equifax, HTC, and Snapchat. She has held numerous positions at the Commission, including Chief of Staff of the Bureau of Consumer Protection, and Assistant Director of the International Division of Consumer Protection. Prior to joining the Commission 1999, Ms. Mithal was an attorney at the Washington law firm of Covington Burling. Ms. Mithal earned her law degree from the Georgetown University Law Center and her undergraduate degree from Georgetown University.


Future of Cybersecurity Regulation and Enforcement in the U.S.

In light of recent large-scale breaches, Maneesha will discuss the future of cybersecurity regulation and enforcement in the United States, from a consumer protection perspective.  In particular, what existing federal laws apply to companies that collect and maintain personal information?  What are examples of recent enforcement actions?  What are the FTC’s priorities in the future?  How can businesses understand the rules of the road and be in a position to best protect personal information from unauthorized access?