Keith Gordon

Keith Gordon

Information Security And Risk Management Executive Ally Financial

Keith Gordon is the Information Security and Risk Management Executive for Ally Financial where he is responsible for Strategy, Innovation and Security Architecture; Data Security and 3rd party/Supplier Security, Cyber Analytics, User Behavior Analytics for Information Security as well as Enterprise Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity.

Prior, Gordon worked at Bank of America in Global Information Security where he held roles as the Business Information Security Officer as well as leading the Cyber Threat Intelligence and Customer Protection team. Gordon began his career with Bank of America in 2003 supporting Consumer Banking Technologies where his focus was technology risk, security and fraud. In 2010, Gordon was appointed the Security, Fraud and Identify executive where he developed and managed authentication, security strategies and product development for Consumer Banking. His teams led the effort to define and build the enterprise standards for application security, vulnerability management and compliance, resulting in the bank's Enterprise Cyber Security strategy.

Gordon left Bank of America in 2012 to take on a role as Enterprise Information Security and IT Risk Management executive at Capital One. He returned to Bank of America in August 2014 as the Business Information Security Officer.

Keith graduated from Anderson University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing and Mathematics. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Cyber and User Behavior Analytics

Description  Security systems are collecting more data today than ever before, but are gathering their information into silos.  A robust Cyber and User Behavior analytics platform allows those disparate islands of information to be gathered for collective insights

Abstract  Independent security events while providing awareness and alerting do not tell the whole story.  A robust Cyber User Behavior Analytics platform provides the ability for all outside alerts and insider activities to be centralized with the intentions of applying advanced analytics through unsupervised and supervised machine learning at scale.  Leveraging such a platform allows companies to baseline behavioral patterns for individuals and groups and subsequently detect meaningful anomalies in those patterns to mitigate risk to the organization.


·        Data-Centric Approach

·        Analytics at Scale

·        Correlate user and entity behaviors

·        Increase Enterprise Visibility

·        Accelerate threat Investigation

·        Detect Advanced threats

·        Predict threats based on historical patterns