Jerry Dixon - Keynote

Chief Information Security Officer CrowdStrike

Jerry Dixon is the chief information security officer at CrowdStrike, with more than two decades of cybersecurity experience on the front lines of incident response, cyber crisis management, national cybersecurity policy and critical infrastructure protection.
Previously, he served as vice president, cyber threat intelligence and incident response at American Express, where he spearheaded the creation of forward-looking strategies to operationalize threat intelligence and prevent breaches.
Dixon has held multiple leadership positions at top-tier security companies and government agencies, including director-level positions at the Department of Homeland Security National Cyber Security Division and United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team. He is considered one of the foremost industry experts on risk mitigation, incident response and proactive security.


The State of Cyber: How stealthier attacks are blurring the lines between Cybercrime and Statecraft

Throughout 2016, CrowdStrike exposed unprecedented efforts by highly sophisticated adversaries targeting -- and in some cases, selectively leaking -- information stolen from sensitive government, corporate and private networks. These intrusions continue to occur at an alarming rate, reflecting a broad range of motives and targets, and revealing many never-before-seen tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) that are advancing the art of data manipulation and attack obfuscation, while raising the bar significantly for organizations seeking to protect themselves from these potentially destructive attacks. This session will shed additional light on high-profile incidents and subsequent investigations conducted by CrowdStrike in the past year, while also disclosing important lessons learned and new best practices that can help organizations repel attacks and avoid costly data breaches.