Brian Proctor

Business Development Manager SecurityMatters

Brian’s entire career has been focused on securing electric utility systems, networks, and assets. He spent the majority of his career (13+ years) as a ICS/SCADA cybersecurity engineer and cybersecurity team lead working for two progressive California Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs). In February of 2017 he joined SecurityMatters as their Business Development Manager to help promote passive ICS/SCADA network security monitoring, asset inventory, and situational awareness within the industrial control system security community. 

Brian holds a variety of technical certifications including the Global Industrial Control System Professional (GISCP), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC), and is certified in project management from University of California at Irvine.  In 2013, Brian was presented with the Critical Infrastructure Private Sector award from Securing our eCity a San Diego based Cybersecurity non-profit organization. In 2016, Brian was a co-inventor of a R&D magazine top 100 award winner for one of the top inventions of the year relating to a GPS anti-spoofing mitigation technology.


Life After Ukraine; Industrial Control System Cybersecurity Industry Trends and Strategies

There is little doubt the Ukrainian cyber incidents shook up the industrial control system (ICS) security industry. One positive outcome is that industrial asset owners around the world are now discussing, designing, or executing on strategies to mature their operational technology (OT) security defenses beyond compliance or industry baselines.  This talk will focus on life after Ukraine and the real world cyber security trends and strategies ICS/SCADA asset owners are putting in motion